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Cameras | Livestock Monitoring | Rural Security

AgriCamera was the original internet based wireless camera system for farms, and is still the best.


AgriCamera is an innovative supplier of wireless calving and lambing cameras for livestock monitoring and rural security based in the South West of England.

AgriCamera was born from the need to be able to remotely watch livestock. The first calf you are able to save as a result of the camera system is often enough to pay for it. From speaking to our customers, we realised that many were also using the cameras for security monitoring purposes. We therefore developed a system where you can record 24/7 and receive live alerts of any movement captured by the cameras. This is all made possible via our unique 'AgriCamera Dashboard'. This is a website we have developed ourselves which makes setting up and viewing the cameras from anywhere in the world brilliantly simple. We also have our own mobile apps to allow you to view the cameras on the move.



  • Calving
  • Lambing
  • Poultry
  • Foaling

AgriCamera have developed a unique camera system.



  • Farm Monitoring
  • Rural Security
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Industrial Units

Peace of mind for your farm, your AgriCamera records 24/7



  • Outdoor Wireless
  • Event Networks
  • Software Consultancy
  • Special Projects

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