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Registered EBT Practitioners


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In order to be registered on this list, qualified Equine Bowen Therapists must :

Have trained for, and graduated from, the European School of Equine Bowen Therapy Diploma Course. (A pre-requisite of attending this course is that they be qualified Human Bowen practitioners) The course consists of extensive practical & theoretical training with a rigorous three part examination pass required to qualify. (2 practical & 1 written).The examinations are supervised and marked by a Veterinary Surgeon.

Registration is valid for one year - and in any one year practitioners must :

  1. Attend two CPD (Continued Professional Development) days.
  2. Hold a valid First Aid Certificate.
  3. Hold a professional indemnity Insurance Certificate to work on animals.
  4. Have agreed to work within a strict Code of Conduct.

Registered Practitioners display a Car Sticker with their individual registration number on it. Look for the EBT logo  or telephone Beth Darrall if you are in any doubt!

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Make sure that the Bowen Therapist you call out is professionally qualified and registered!


Introduction to Equine Bowen Therapy and Beth Darrall

The European School of Equine Bowen Therapy has set the standard for Equine Bowen training in the UK for over a decade. Our practitioners have been trained to the highest level making them the most respected and professional Equine Bowen Therapists working in the UK and beyond.

Once qualified, our registered Equine Bowen Practitioners are supported with continued professional development opportunities, to ensure they remain at the fore front of this growing area of Bowen Therapy.

After discovering the Bowen Technique in 1995, Beth trained with Julian Baker, director of the European College of Bowen Studies. She quickly  found Bowen taking over from Aromatherapy as her main treatment of choice.

She says The Bowen Technique is the most user (and receiver) friendly modality that I have experienced. It can be anything you need it to be; a sports therapy; a  functional muscula-skeletal therapy; a hormone/blood pressure balancer; an aid to comfortable respiration; a stress reliever; and energy booster; the possibilities are infinite!

Several years later, Beth started to apply some Bowen moves to her own horses with great results.

In 1998, she studied with an Australian, Michael Nixon-Livy the Neurostructural Integration Technique (N.S.T.) training programme, later going on to qualify as an advanced practitioner.

Following many requests for a professional approach to Equine Bowen training, Beth started planning and designing a training programme for Bowen Therapists wishing to take this versatile healing modality to horses.

Her aim was to produce skilled, knowledgeable therapists who would work along side other professionals within the equestrian industry. It was vitally important to ensure credibility and respect that this excellent therapy so deserves.

With over 40 years experience, riding and handling horses and a deep passion for these four-legged animals, Beth set about constructing a training course that would offer a holistic approach to professional practitioner skills and horse management.

With the assistance and support of Nigel Dodman, veterinary surgeon and Bowen Therapist and Heather McLain, BHSI, a training course was put together and the first Equine Bowen Therapy courses were held in Gloucestershire in the summer of 2000.

The leading and most established professional training school for Equine Bowen Therapy providing a holistic approach to horse care and management.

  • A superb, industry leading training programme
  • Maximum number of students per class - 12
  • Flexible modular structure
  • Payment in installments
  • Up to 8 special guest speakers, all experts in their field. These include a detailed lower leg dissection and study of functional anatomy of the equine limb.
  • Opportunity for CPD and Registration Scheme, subject to qualification

Continued demand for quality teaching is such that courses are now in their 8th successive year.

Demand for professional training has now expanded to New Zealand, where Cath Garden is the co-ordinator.Contact Cath for details.

Beth lists her hobbies as horses, horses and horses! When time allows, Beth likes to compete at riding club competitions. In discovering Natural Horsemanship, Beth has learnt the art of communication with horses.

Today, Beth runs a very busy practice working from home and travelling to stable yards to treat horses. She feels privileged to be able to mix business with pleasure!






Phone: 01242 251465

Mobile: 07759 439713