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Likit Products is a family owned business, established in 2002 and is now the top equine toy & treat brand on the market.  Likits are sold all over the world through our fabulous network or distributors and retailers, with more joining us every week!

Whether you are new to Likit Products or already a fan, we endevour to continally bring out fun and innovative products to keep you and your horses happy whilst at work, rest or play...


Treats & Toys

Whether your horse is fit, working and stabled, or confined to barracks due to injury, Likit Products can help keep him entertained. 

Keeping a horse in peak condition is as much about mental health as physical well-being and, although horses appear, on the whole, to adapt to life in the stable, they can still be adversely affected by boredom and isolation when deprived of the natural herd-like environment. The resulting stress can impact on digestive health, affect performance and behaviour and perhaps lead to stable vices, so how can you help?

Providing environmental enrichment in the form of stable toys can offer a welcome diversion for stable horses, either by using a flavoured reward (the Likit refill) to maintain interest in the toy, or by extending feeding times and encouraging natural foraging behaviour, as with the Snak-a-Ball. Studies increasingly back up this theory; one recent trial in the USA looked at crib biting and the various environmental influences that may affect such behaviour. During the trial the horses - all chronic crib biters - were offered Likit stable toys and it was discovered that the Tongue Twister reduced cribbing activity by 27%click here to find out more.

Interested but not sure where to start? Click here to use our handy product selector which asks you three simple questions to help determine the best product for your horse.