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Parallax Hay Feeders


Innovative plastic hay feeders manufactured in the UK By parallax plastics


All-In-One Feeding Station and The Hay-Saver (slow feeder.) are plastic hay feeders designed to make looking after your horses a lot easier for the owner and healthier for your equine friend. 


The All-In-One Feeding Station is a unique All in 1, corner hay feeder that can facilitate a small bale of hay AND two buckets for water, feed or minerals. The feeder can allow your horse to be fed completely off the ground. click here for more information.


The Hay-Saver is the first slow feeder to be manufactured in the UK, following on from the huge sucess in the USA. The trickle feeding design intends to keep your horse occupied which prevents it from getting bored, over eating , chewing, cribbing etc. The hay is also protected and safeguarded from the elements when used in the field. click here for more information. 


The Corner slow feeder is brand new for 2015, first demonstrated at BETA 2015. THe product is now available & ready to purchase!!

The corner slow feeder is a trickle feeder for stables which prevents hay wastage.The three part kit will save you time, money & hay but still allows horses to eat in a natural position.

Purchase as a complete Corner slow feeder  or as a kit to adapt your existing plastic corner feeder.


"The Natural Way to feed your horse"


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